“OnePlus” the best Android Phone

"OnePlus" the best Android Phone

Now the one plus has introduce the new update and of android 10. OnePlus seven pro is already been launched with the android 10 OS. The one plus has been improving their hardware and the software since long time.OnePlus is the combination of hardware and the software designed with the latest technology or software update. OnePlus increased in the investment in android 10. OnePlus has improved their gesture navigation as the users can use the gesture function to implement their speed on the one plus android 10 version. This version has build to supports the ecosystem with the latest version of the dark mode function. In this OS you get the latest emojis. Android 10 is also supporting the dual boot menu system. OnePlus7 has improved their privacy and security that can save users from unwanted issues.

Since Last one year, one plus has been triying it’s best to launch its update as fast as they can. OnePlus has been launching its android version within 18 days.

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