The Best Pimple and Dull Skin Mask | Skin Mask and Diet Treatment for Dark Sports Pimples, Dull Skin

The Best Pimple and Dull Skin Mask

The Best Pimple and Dull Skin Mask:- Today, all most 70% of the generation is dealing with skin problems everybody is upset with their pimple, there will be 25to3o % doctors in India.

People use lots of product cream. But their son gets any Satisfied result People takes suggestion with doctors. Are you also worked for your skin problem .there are some skin tips or natural diet that make your skin pimple-free, and remove dark sport and I recommended you this is The Best improve your skin Pimple and Dull Skin Mask.

Pimple and Dull Skin

you have also need to take care of some things  pimple also comes when

I always suggest you avoid spicy packed food

Eating more sweet food

Drinking water in less quantity

When you do not take proper sleep taking the stress

Blood flow

You should drink at least 7 to 8 glass water in a day your face’s blood flow will increase

Here Are Some Natural Skin Mask That’s Natural

 1 Diy Scrub

Diy Scrub

Diy Scrub is made by Natural ingredients.

1 Take 2 spoons oatmeal powder

2 1/2 spoon of lemon  juice or

3 1 spoon orange Juice and mix all

These things then apply on your face. Scrub it with the help of hand movement .wash it with warm water after 15 minutes.

2 Refrigerated Tea Bags

ice tea

For light-dark circles in the under-eye area. take refrigerated tea bags and keep it on your eye for 30 minutes daily it will really help you to reduce dark-circle.

3 Face Pack

Face pack

1 Take one spoon of lemon juice

2 2 spoon orange juice into a bowl

3 2 spoons fresh-squeezed tomato puree

4 2 spoons warm flour mix these ingredients

Apply the concoction to the face nack arms wherever you want to, leave it for 10 minutes then wash it.

4 Making Tonner For Your Face

making tonner for your face

1 One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

2 Water in container

3 Take both ingredients equally it depends on the treatment area

leave it on 3 minutes or until it’s not getting dry properly. wash it with warm water. you ave to apply it twins time in a day.

 6 Use Of Pure Milk

Use of pure milk

Milk has Lactic acid in which also used in chemical peel for brightening, whiten skin. Take some milk in a bowl and apply with the help of cotton on the face.

wash  with warm water after drying skin

7 Potato


There is azelaic acid in the potato which reduces blemishes, dark spots, and pigments. take a slice of potato and rub it on your face leave it for some time then wash it after drying. Do this once in a day.

A healthy diet that’s useful to reduce dark sports pimples etc.

take some fruits and dry food in the daily diet like banana, strawberry annular, nuts Kaju, kissmiss.

A healthy diet keeps you healthy and also good for your health .you get nutrients and vitamins with it. It will give you a clear face.

Take Vitamin C

Take Vitamin c in your food it so powerful naturally accruing vitamin. which gives you clear brighten skin .vitamin C has antioxidant properties whichprotect your skin with age-accelerator and pigments.

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