Amazon forest Burning

Burning Amazon Forest since last 3 Weeks

Amazon forest Now It’s been the measure issue that Amazon Amazon Forest is burning. As we all know that 20% Of
Oxygen comes from the Amazon forest now we need to put our effort to stop it. Amazon forest used to be
a dense forest. Thousands of rivers are in this Amazon forest. Amazon forest has its own large eco-
system. Amazon forest used to have its own cloud and used to create its own rains. But now time to
time it’s been Shrinking.

Why Amazon forest is burning?

According to Exports it causes are:-

  • Due to the cutting of trees.
  • The custom of slash-and-burn are the reason for it.
  • Most of the patches are cut down of forest so that farmers can do farming over there.

Why is this a big deal?

Everybody is taking benefit of the Amazon forest. As its trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen,
Amazon forest is playing the biggest role of our planet. Amazon is also throwing out to Greenhouse Gasses from our atmosphere.

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