Apple Watch Series 5 is live and Series 3 has been removed from Apple’s Website

Apple Watch Series 5 is live now

Now Apple has launched series 3 watch is the indian market. It contains multiple smart features like Retina display, longest battery life ever in any Apple Watch. Apple has decided the price of 40,900. Series 5 is available in the market. But series 3 price droped now. it’s available at a cost of 20,900. Apple removed as already series 3 from its official website. Now the Apple series 5 is available on Amazon and Flipkart.Series 5 display size is 44mm and 40mm cases. Series 5 is now coming with Retina display. This smart watch is going to be thinner as compare to the older watches. Series 5 is made by aluminium body.

Apple Watch Series 5 is designed to track your fitness track, cycling data and just to track your every body movements. Series 5 has been made by the latest technologies with the maximum power capacity. its battery life is up to 18 hours after one time charge. it also contains the compass features. …..Apple has introduced the emergency, mode if you are in an emergency you can contact your family friends and colleagues. Apple Watch Series 5 has the louder speaker than other versions. Series 5 contains the Heart sensor so that it can sense your heart rate. those users who have heart problems they can track their heart using this smart watch. Now the new feature is Fall detection here, if your fell down and don’t getup next few minutes it would send SOS Messages to your Contacts you have selected.

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