What is Apple? Apple was introduced on 1st April 1976.It used to Manufacture Computers. Their firsts computer was Manufactured by Spare part that was collected from their worker free of cost. The Sales started in July 1976 and that time its Market value was $666 means in 2013 equal to $2735.

 It was started from a Garage and now it’s Second biggest Mobile Manufacturer in the world. It’s the most popular product is iPhone. It’s apps are the most downloaded apps. More than 25 Billion App downloaded from the app store. Around 1,22,600 Workers are in Apple. 

in the last 4 years, It’s Double now. It has more assets than the US Government. It has around 256.8 Billion Dollars. Apple Inc’s Name is case steve jobs like the Apple Fruit. There are 60% Of apps that never been downloaded yet. As compare to US  iPhones are on Double Rate in Brazil. 

In 2015 It Got 2,204 Pounds Glod from Broken iPhone, It’s equal to 40 Million Dollar in the US. In One iPhone 0.0012 Gram Gold, 0.012 Gram Silver and 0.000012 Gram platinums are available

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