Battlegrounds Mobile India | release date has leaked once again

PUBG or Battleground Mobile
  • According to our some resources Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to launch on 18th of June 2021.
  • This leas has come from Maxtern from his tweat, through a binary code.
  •  Most of the other reports has also hinted for India’s PUBG Mobile.

Today we are going to talk about the one of the most trending and successful game in India that is PUBG. There are so many amazing updates which came out and you will know about them below. So basically PUBG was banned in India on 2 of September due to some security concerns. This was the heart breaking news for all the PUBG lovers, but after some time a rumor speeded that PUBG will come back  soon with some other gaming company. Meanwhile Akshay Kumar also announced for a new game launch of FAUG on 25 of December that is Christmas and the game was launched in early January of 2021. But it is said that the game was not too good as compared to PUBG. It still needs some more updates and a lot of work is needed to be done on it to make it compete with PUBG.

attlegrounds Mobile India

So now the time has arrived to multiply your happiness into hundred as PUBG has brought their brand new game with a complete new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. Yes the company has decided to rename the game. Now it will be known as Battlegrounds Mobile. So today in this article you will come to know about all the updates about the new game launched by PUBG. We will talk about what all-new things are added to the new game that is Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So it was assumed that PUBG will come back with their game and also it was rumored that there are just some official work left after that it will come back to India, but now PUBG came up with a new twist that is they came up with a complete new game (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Being a PUBG fan you all were also, waiting for the game but now finally the wait is over as the team of PUBG has also officially released the trailer of their new game a month before, which was really amazing in its own. This game is completely different from the older one that is PUBG Mobile. There are various official trailer, which are released by the PUBG team. In addition, truly after seeing the trailer I was just like WOW! It is so amazing. Really, the new game is going to stunning with great graphics, new modern weapons. In addition, the team had definitely worked very hard to make it and take to next level. In terms of game play, the trailer was stunning and I am really very much excited to get the game into my hands.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date has leaked once again
  • The game Battleground Mobile is completely new. Like in earlier game that is PUBG Mobile there were updates which needs to be updated. However, this game not any update of its earlier version infect its completely new. It is developed by Krafton and theirs is no help of Tencent in developing this game. There are various more updates like the game consist of new maps, weapons, vehicles, characters, and a lot.
  • This game is set in the 2051 PUBG Universe. This game is definitely new but still it is a part of PUBG. This game is set in 2051, which can be easily seen in trailer of the game in which it is clearly shown that there are electric cars, futuristic helicopters, drones, and weapons. There is a new world, which is called Troi.
  • While playing the game are definitely going to get a movie-like experience as the graphics and movements in the game are so smooth which is also noticeable in the trailer of the game, which is recently released. In trailer, the recoiling of gun was so smooth. According to Krafton who is the developer of the game, this PUBG New State comes with more improved weapon and customization.
  • While playing game you will feel that it is as realistic as the world in the game is so active. If you are playing the game on big screen, you will definitely love it due to great graphics and there are drones and electric vehicles on the roads.
  • Also now, when red zone will appear we can see the missiles directly coming from the sky, which we were not capable of in earlier game. If there is red zone and you are running from it then you can see missiles, whereas earlier we were able to see random explosions only.
  • Now let us talk about the most important and appreciable update done by the team of PUBG that is upgradation of the graphics. If you have seen the trailer of the game, you can easily see the difference in the graphics in PUBG New State. However they are little similar to PUBG Lite for PC. Overall, the lightning in the game is also improved.

So these were all the updates, which are done by the team of PUBG in the all new PUBG New State. Overall, the game is really great and stunning. The team of PUBG New State have really done a great and appreciable job. This is definitely a great news for all the PUBG lovers who were eagerly waiting for the launch of the game. All of us are very excited for the and finally now the wait is over as soon we are going to see the game in our hands.

Therefore, these were the updates and this is a great news for all the PUBG lovers that it is coming back to India. Hope this article was informative to and you get knowledge about PUBG New State after reading it. I must recommend you all to definitely visit our more blogs about games. Till the time this is the only news, which was released. If there is any other update, we will definitely inform you.

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