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bigg boss season 14

Bigg boss seasons 14: – Bigg Boss is India’s biggest reality show.  Bigg Boss in India sees the whole family including one. In the Bigg Boss house, 16 to 18 people are put together in which one or two embers are removed according to the voting of the audience every week. Now we talk about Bigg Boss season 14, 2020, this time this season is going to bring a lot more TRP than the rest of the season. In Bigg Boss Season 14, the most famous contestants of the earlier seasons, Hina Khan, Siddharth Shukla, and Gauhar Khan will be seen colliding with each other.  Although Siddharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan have been seen on stage from the very first day, these three are definitely in the house, but the voting line will remain closed for them.  This Bigg Boss season as seniors 14 has arrived.  It has arrived for just two weeks.  Siddharth Shukla has started playing games in his own way as soon as he comes. This time a lot of interesting contestants have come. We will tell you their names and what they do.


Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 14

  1. Rahul vaidya as a singer

It has come in the first season of Indian Idol.  He has been the second runner up in the first season of Indian Idol.  But they have not got so many opportunities for playback singers in Bollywood, so now let’s see.  What do Bigg Boss season 14 do?


  1. Pavitra punia as an actress

Pavitra Punia has also kept a reality show before.  She came to Splitsvilla.  He has also played his character in many plays and has played very good roles in them like Mohabbatein Naagin and also serials.  He got fame from the show Balveer.  Now let’s see how far this Big Boss 4 goes.


  1. Jaan Kumar saanu as singer

You must have known Kumar Sanu, this is his son.  Jaan Kumar Sanu is also a singer, but he is not so famous.  He also made an entry in Bigg Boss while singing his father’s song.


  1. Sara global as a singer

Sara Gurpal is a famous singer from Punjab.  He is also a model and actress, he went to the title track of the sacred relationship.  She has been a big fan of Sushant Singh Rajput. This is also a great dancer.


  1. Sehzaad drop as model

Shehzad has also done a reality show before.  The finalists were MTV’s S of Space show.  They have gained a lot of fame from there and are also very good models.


  1. Nishant Singh Malkani as actor

Nishant started his career in 2009.  He did a serial in 2009.  When we met, he got a lot of failure from that serial and now he is seen in Bigg Boss season 14, so now let’s see.  How far does it go in Bigg Boss?


  1. Rubina & abhinav as actor & actress

Rubina and Abhinav Real Life have Husband Wife.  He has done many serials on Colors.  Shakti is Rubina’s most famous serial.  She has played the character of a eunuch in Shakti and Abhinav has also appeared in many serials.  His serial on Colors was Silsila, in which he played a negative character.


  1. Nikki emboli as a south actor

Nikki Tamboli has done many films in the South.  This is also seen in Kanchana 3.  He has said in Bigg Boss 14 that it breaks the heart of boys.


  1. Jasmin basin as an actress

Jasmine Bhasin is the actress of a serpent serial on Colors.  She has also performed Khatron Ke Khiladi and is now seen in Bigg Boss 14.


  1. Ejaz Khan as an actor

Ejaz Khan has also worked in Bollywood.  He has also worked in many serials on Zee TV and now he is also seen in web series, so now let’s see.  How far does it appear in Bigg Boss?

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