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Marks Percentage Calculator: This is an online marks percentage calculator which is basically used to calculate the percentage of marks which are scored by you in the examination. All you need to do is just enter the marks that you have obtained and also mention the total marks right after that. Then click on go and it will automatically find the exam mark percentage. It is very simple and easy to use, you will not face any trouble or problem which using this tool. All you need to do is to just enter the correct values.

Marks Percentage Calculator

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It totally depends of which percentage you want to find out. Means whether you want to find out your percentage of your recent test or you want to find out the percentage of your end year exams.

If you want to find out the percentage of your recent test that is a single mark, then you must divide the obtained marks by the maximum possible mark and then after that multiply it by 100. Is this manner you will obtain percentage.

Example: – If there was an exam which has a single section and the maximum score of that exam is 30. Now out of 30 marks that student scored 25 marks. Calculate the percentage.

Marks Percentage Calculator

All you need to do is that enter obtained marks in first column that is 25 and maximum marks obtained in second column that is 30. After filling the inputs correctly click “Calculate” and your percentage will be calculated, which is 83.33

If you want to find the percentage of your end year exams then you first need to calculate the sum of all the marks obtained in different subjects. After finding the sum of all subjects then calculate the sum of maximum possible marks of all subjects. Now divide the obtained marks by total marks and multiply it by 100, you will obtain the percentage in result. This (percentage calculation) can be done by hand as well as with help of mark percentage calculator. But it will be more accurate if you use calculator. Also it will more easy and convenient to you if you calculate it with help of marks calculator.

Example: – If an exam has more than one sections then what to do? Let’s take an example that there are five sections in an exam and a student has scored different marks in different subjects. The marks obtained in five subjects are 82, 95, 90, 89, and 76 out of 100 in each subject. So firstly you enter the subject name in first column, then enter the marks obtained in each subject which are 82, 95, 90, 89, and 76 respectively. In next column enter the maximum marks that is 100 for each subject. After entering the correct information click on calculate now and your percentage will be calculated, which is 86.40.

Also this calculator will notify you whether are pass or fail in an individual subject.

Marks Percentage Calculator

There are basically two formulas to calculate the percentage of marks and they are as follows-

  • When there is only one input which is the simplest case in which we have just a single exam. In this case the calculation is very simple and straightforward by use of this formula: –


  • When there are more than one inputs which means there are different sections in exam ore there are many subjects. For this situation first you need to add all the marks obtain in different section of exam or in different subjects then divide it by the sum of maximum marks of all subjects. For this situation you need to use the following formula:


The above method is a very simple and easy method and is practiced by many of the teachers in school in order to track the performances of different classes. In this method percentage scored by a whole class of students in a particular given test material is useful to educators to determine the success.

Now lets understand it with help of an example :- In a class there are 30, now enter the 30 marks obtained in the “Scored” calculator field  and then the maximum possible score in the “Out of” field. In the result you will get to know the average percentage of your class.

You can also find the average test score obatained. For yhis you need to add the marks obtained by all the students by total no of students in a class . Now lets understand it with help of an example:- If there are 3 students in a class and marks obtain by them are 69, 87, and 92 respectively. So to fint the average score add all the marks and divide it by total students that us 3.


Average marks= (69+87+92) / 3
=248/ 3

This is a very useful and work full method which id useful to teachers or for any institution.

How many marks are there in one percentage?

So now we all know that to calculate the percentage for any marks we need to know the total marks. So for example let’s think that if the paper we are speaking about is of 100 marks then 1% of the total marks are as follows:-
= 1 % of 100 marks
=1 / 100 X 100 = 1 mark 1% of 200 marks
=1/ 100 X 200
= 2 marks

So this was all about this marks calculator, I hope that this information may be helpful to you.

Hope this article was helpful to you and help you in gaining some knowledge. Comment Below and give some feedback

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