Causes and Ways to Reduce white hair naturally

Causes and Ways to Reduce white hair naturally

White Hair???

Now the Hair whitening has been one of the biggest issues. As it’s seen in a teenager. It happens with below 20 age of children also. Now it causes of our modern lifestyle, Vexing, and cause of using new cosmetic products. Generally, it’s happening between 20 to 30s. Below I have mentioned Causes and those tips which would stop your hairs whitening.

Hairs keep on removing old hairs and take place other hair and every hair has it’s own property if any generation of hair does not pigment that gives color to it so your hairs become white.


Here are the Causes of Hair Whitening


1) Genetic
It’s the biggest reason of hair whitening. your Genetic Decides that at the what age your hairs would lose pigment, that gives color to your hairs. 2)Deficiency Of Melanin
Basically, in most of the cases, Melalin becomes the reason of hair whitening. Melanin Comes from your daily Nutrition and Protein. It Fully depends on your nutritions and Protein that how your melanin would be. 3) Hormones
It also causes hair whitening when you angry a lot. 4)Stress
When you start taking too much stress that time it happens. You should not take too much stress.
When we use chemical products like Shampo, hair oil, and soap. That may also be a big reason.


How to get rid of White Hair

Take 1 Spoon Aavla Powder, 1 spoon Kale til Powder and 1 spoon Bhringraaj powder and mix it and take it with normal water. You will get the result within 15 Days only.

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