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Corona Latest Updates

Corona Latest Updates: Corona basically means crown so this refers to the way that the virus looks under the microscope. It is an enveloped single-strand RNA virus. The 2019 coronavirus grabbed attention because it is a new type of family. This virus has spread worldwide within a few months from human to human via touching. The virus generally remains active longer.

The virus is very dangerous and has killed and destroyed many families. It is mainly spread from China in the month of 2019. Due to transportation and travel’s this virus spread to other countries also which was really bad news. This virus has already destroyed many people’s life which has also affected the overall GDP of all the countries. This virus is very dangerous. Due to it most of the countries have also declared a situation of lockdown in which no one was allowed to get out of the house. This was a very critical situation for each and everybody. This lockdown has destroyed the lives of many people as there was nothing to eat and due to lockdown, the workers were unable to get their salary.

Corona Latest Updates

There was also a loss of studies to the students as the schools and colleges were also closed and are not opened till yet. This gave rise to online education which has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. This year was very critical for the final year students and the entire fresher that have completed their graduation or masters as they were unable to get jobs.

The cases of coronavirus were rapidly increasing in the month of July and October it was a very critical situation. But the mostly the situation much better than earlier the death ratio has decreased and most of the people get recover from this dangerous virus.

Corona Latest Updates

All the countries of the world are trying their best to make/prepare vaccines for this dangerous virus. Russia was the first one to do so, but now almost every country is successful in making it. Our country India has also prepared vaccines. There are various vaccines that are prepared in India or are under phase three trials. Till now the government has approved the Serum Institute of India (SII) and the other is Bharat Biotech. The name of these vaccines is Covishield and Covaxin. The government has also said that the rollout of these vaccines will start from around 13 to 14 January.

For any further details about these two vaccines read our blogs related to them.

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