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Coronavirus:- is a very serious disease in China. Corona Virus is a large group of viruses that Coronavirus causes disease in humans and animals.  Rarely, animal corona viruses can develop and infect people and then spread among people such as. The coronavirus came from the small city of Wuhan in China.  At the same time, the first patient was found infected.  After that, this virus caused China to do any damages and many people were killed there.  After that, it came to India and a lot of things happened after coming to India, because of this voice, many people were killed in India too. People’s daily life was greatly affected by this virus.  There was a considerable impact on the work of people who are laborers.  His life was affected and more happened.  Because of this virus, the laborers had to leave.  Had to suffer a lot.

Corona virus This virus kept the lives of people convex and people had to face many problems due to their suffering. It is said that this virus has come through a bat but to date, its waxing has not been made.  Efforts are still on to make it waxing.  But nothing has happened yet.


Symptoms of coronavirus most common symptoms.

1 Fever

If you feel that you are having frequent fever or not getting off, then you should see a doctor immediately as it may be the symptoms of coronavirus.


2 Dry cough

If you have problems with a dry cough, you should see a doctor immediately.  It should not be ignored.  There is also fear of getting coronavirus and it is also one of the symptoms of coronavirus.


3 Tiredness

If there is any pain in your body or you feel tired or anywhere there is any pain in the back of the waist, then you should consult a doctor.  It is also the most important disease of the coronavirus.  Coronavirus has a lot of tiredness.  There is a lot of body pain.


4 Rash On The Skin

If there is burning, itching, or rash anywhere in the body, they can also be the symptoms of the coronavirus, so you do not have to ignore it either.  Immediately, the doctor has to show up and take the advice of the doctor, what is the problem, why are the reasons being rashes?


5 Difficulty Breathing Or Shortness Of Breath

If you are having trouble breathing or you already have breathing problems, then you should be very careful.  If you have trouble breathing even a little, you should immediately consult your doctor and show them.  This is also the very symptoms of coronaviruses.


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