Coronavirus Live Updates: Lockdown May be extended says Health Minister

Coronavirus Live Updates: It is recommended to Wear Homemade Face Marks and Stay At Home, 3,000 Cases Have been marked till the time in India.
A large number of people have been infected from COVID-19. World Wide Positive Cases Count has reached in Millions and 50,000+ Deaths have been registered now. In India, there are 2902 Cases Positive with 60+ Deaths. Most of the countries have Suddenly lockdown. Coronavirus Live Updates
  • A Person who was violating coronavirus lockdown order has been arrested from Kathmandu Police.
Coronavirus Live Updates

For Bihar’s migrant workers a Control room has been fixed at Bihar Bhawan.

Nepal Has New 3 COVID-19 Positive Cases now. Nepal has Ordered the lockdown till April 7th.

Minister of Maharashtra has donated free masks and sanitizers to Mumbai Police. He said that “We Want our Police officials to remain safe while they are on duty”.

Coronavirus Live Updates
  • Pakistan also registered 2700 Positive Cases Now.
  • Again North Lakhimpur District has a new Positive COVID-19 Case.
  • In Ladakh 9 Patients have been cured out of 14 of COVID-19 which is really a very Good News for us.
  • Srinagar municipal corporation of Jammu and Kashmir Sprays the Disinfectant over the street.
Coronavirus Live Updates
  • A meeting has been held with Special doctors and Health Department officials in Patna by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Via Video Conferencing.
Coronavirus Live Updates
  • A total of 600 People have been quarantined in Delhi in just the last two days. Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain says that they are fully trying to Trace all contacts.
  • It’s highly recommended for people to obey and follow the lockdown by MNS chief Raj Thackeray.
  • The Lockdown May be extended according to the Health Minister
  • Maharashtra has almost 67 New Cases Now.
  • Maharashtra has almost 67 New Cases Now.
  • Due to Lockdown 112, French Nationals were Stranded in Kerla Now They Have Been Airlifted From a Special Air India Flight to Paris.

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8 thoughts on “Coronavirus Live Updates: Lockdown May be extended says Health Minister”

  1. Mahendra Sharma

    The lockdown can be extended in the hotspots only. Why the whole country should suffer.

  2. Congratulations Doctors your dedication to serving humanity is commendable. You are working 24 X 7. Now we should think of doing our duty. Learn Art of Self Healing to bring down patients to be attended by you. People should do PRAN Mudra – to gain energy and boost up immunity. Treat self for PAIN problems as far as possible. Treatment details given in,

  3. We have done well.We should extend the lockdown for 2 weeks more to reap the benefits.India is different.We can’t follow any other model. Economic costs are low if we shut down.If the virus spreads economic costs will be very high.Society is co operative.After relaxation it cannot be re imposed effectively. Extend for 2 weeks.If disease spreads social unrest can go out of hands. Dr.K.L. Sehgal

  4. I have suggestion for this virus it is nothing but God’s warning to human being which can be the last.
    God him self is worried that what a blunder mistake he did by creating human being, He wanted they will be helpful sincere,god fearing and out of all selfishness. It did not happen and it turned out, of any body’s reach. So God felt it is the right time to warn them. My humble request to one and all, human being in the whole world understand the language of God and it is right time to change and live and let live happy life.
    I cannot write or say more than this as I know we are more understanding and well educated to change for good of every human being and animals.Money can give short living but it cannot give life.It is true and every one agree’s with it. So now it is up to you to decide.It is individual and Personal.
    My best wish to all of you and may god bless you all.
    take care

  5. Dr. K. S. Ananda Kumar.

    I know that basil leaves wherever they grow, no bacteria may flourish. Is better to plan such disinfection of clothing of existing positive cases, and grow herbal plants in the premises of all positive patients in about one month. We have to contact Ayush doctors, who can suggest suitable herbal plants to promote disinfection. Pathanjali group and Swamy Ramadev Baba promotes such herbal plants in their herbal gardens. Even cow urine and/or dung (or panchagavyam) has strong anti-infective properties. Let our scientists try them.

  6. What is the point of asking every govt doctor to come to the hospital when all the routine work is shut down. this just adds up to being more congested
    Why are few hospitals directing all the cases to higher centers
    Govt should gear up the provision of N95 and PPE
    Hats off to modi ji – rarely does a country get such a leader.

  7. ashok singla

    the curfew in Punjab and lockdown in other states may be opened for few days so that the persons who are staying beyond their houses may reach their homes. thereafter the lockdown may again be imposed so as to save from this deadly virus. The spirit of lockdown should not be lowered down.

  8. Government of India is doing excellent work in combating the Corona and COVID-19, All persons participated Nizamudin Zamat event must be dealt with strict actions and those who are not cooperating should not be treated but should be kept in isolation till death.

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