Coronavirus live updates: Total 60,000 Deaths From COVID-19 In Europe

Coronavirus live updates: SC directs Centre is now available to Facilitate Free Checkup of COVID-19. This Facility is available in Government and even in Private labs. Now Test Are availed to All citizens for COVID-19. Let’s Make a step forward and Help our Government to make India Safe. Worldwide COVID-19 Positive Cases has reached to 1.4 Million Now. Globally 80,000 People have already died now. According to the reports of Wednesday Total Corona Patients in our country has reached to 5,274. 485 New Cases have been found in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus live updates

Coronavirus live updates:

  • A lady died at the age of 61 at Government Medical College, Udhampur, Jammu.
  • Now Goa Has Recovered most of its Patients and now there are only 6 Positive COVID-19 Patients.
  • Telangana Has Now 49 new Cases, Total 453 Cases From Telangana.
  • In Maharashtra’s Pune district 19 people have already died, out of 197 Cases.
  • West Bengal Has Also 2 New Cases, Now it has a total of 92 Cases.
  • 60,000 Deaths From COVID-19 In Europe.
  • 93 New Cases From Delhi, Total 669 Cases Found in Delhi and 9 People have already Died.
  • 24 New Cases From Haryana and not it has a total of 153 Cases.
  • 779 People Died Today (08-04-2020) In New York.
  • 1,27,919 Test Sample Have been take On April 8.
  • 938 new Deaths from COVID-19 in Britain.

India COVID-19 Dashboard For 08 April 2020

Active Cases Cured / Discharged Deaths Migrated
4714 410 149 1

City Vise Report

Country/City Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths
Telangana 453 49 N/A
Maharashtra’s Pune 197 N/A 18
West Bengal 92 2 N/A
Europe N/A N/A 60,000
Delhi 669 93 9
Haryana 153 24 N/A
Rajasthan 383 40 N/A
Uttar Pradesh 361 4 N/A
Andhra Pradesh 348 19 N/A
Gujarat 143 7 N/A
Uttarakhand 33 2 N/A

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