Google Removed from Play Store These Apps, you Should also Immidietely Uninstall these apps from your phone right now

Google Hacked

A deep Survey has found a new virus called “JOKER” has affected 24 Apps available on Play Store. These apps have infected with malware and Trojan horse programs that take our every type of data and transfers to the admin. This Malware can take Contact, Photos, notes or text, bank account details, etc. Basically this is not a first time when it happened, but Google has been improving their systems so that it can fight with updated viruses.


Google has found 24 apps that are affected by this malware and for temporarily they have taken the decision to remove those apps from play store so that other users can save. Although around half a million users have already downloaded these apps with malware.

Beach Camera 4.2
Mini Camera 1.0.2
Certain Wallpaper 1.02
Reward Clean 1.1.6
Age Face 1.1.2
Altar Message 1.5
Soby Camera 1.0.1
Declare Message 10.02
Display Camera 1.02
Rapid Face Scanner 10.02
Leaf Face Scanner 1.0.3
Board Picture editing 1.1.2
Cute Camera 1.04
Dazzle Wallpaper 1.0.1
Spark Wallpaper 1.1.11
Climate SMS 3.5
Great VPN 2.0
Humour Camera 1.1.5
Print Plant Scan 1.03
Advocate Wallpaper 1.1.9
Ruddy SMS Mod 1.1
Ignite Clean 7.3
Antivirus Security 1.1.2
Collate Face Scanner 1.1.2

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