Havells Carnesia-I Launched by Havells that run on your Voicecammand

Features of Havells Carnesia-I 

Havells Carnesia-I

Now Havells has launched first-time advanced technology Fan that will run on your instructions. This fan will run on your voice-command. This is the first fan that runs with your hits. It’s World’s smartest fan that Havells Launched here. Havells Carnesia-I Works very smartly and even it’s the cost is similar to other normal fans. Its name is Havells Carnesia-I. Its Cost is around 4500 Rs only.

As always the IT Companies keep on searching for new technologies and find something different in the world. Now a company named Havell has developed a fan that is really advanced technology and it runs on your voice-command. This Fan is really a unique Technology. The havells is the world’s first company that launched this unique product. now the company has also launched the Device price that is also just like any normal fan. Its Price is Around 4500 Rs. Havell has Really shown that they are really advanced. This fan gives you some advanced features like it can sense the temperature around it. after sensing the temperature it decides the Speed. Only Havells has launched these features in their Havells Carnesia-I product.

Words from Havells

Now we have prooved the philosophy ‘Making a difference’. This fan can be connected to Alexa or Google Home devices. Using Alexa and Google home you can turn it on or off. Havells Carnesia-I comes with multiple modes like Sleep and normal. it contains the Speed level up to 5. Carnesia-I has also a timer option. Indian Fan Market is up to 8 thousand crores and the havells Company is in this market since 2003. There were most of the company those can in the market and suddenly left. Now the market of Fan is really doing and the Havells company is really rocking here. There are Multiple Products of Havells like Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters, Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Commercial and Industrial Applications, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Power Capacitors, Luminaires for Domestic.

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