How to get fair skin?

How to get fair skin? Everybody wants to have fair skin and they also apply most of the creams but even they don’t get
results. So Now we have solution of your problem that won’t only make your skin lighten but also Will
also remove your skin related problems.

Use sunscreen!

Use sunscreen We should stay away from Sunlight to protect the skin from blackness. Sunlight is the main cause of
Blackness or darkness of the skin. So don’t forget to use Sunscreen and do less use of SPF 30.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliate your skin Exfoliate your skin once a week, the dead skin cells would be removed from your skin and will get
brighten skin.

Lemon juice

gori_neembu Use lemon juice every night on your skin before going to bed. Always take care of your eyes while using lemon juice on your skin. Your face may have slight burning sensation But after a few minutes it will be


Use Turmeric To improve the skin tone you can use Turmeric. Always use steep turmeric. and mix it with gram flour or
flour and apply it for next 2-3 minutes and remove after it.

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