How to Turn off Automatic updates on any iPhone or iPad?

How to Turn off Automatic updates on any iPhone or iPad?

Whatever the reason is, Now iPhone users can turn off automatic system updates and app updates from their settings. As there if you put your device in auto-update mode you can have the best experience and your device may be also glitch and bug-free.

In most of the updates, Apple provides security updates that protect your privacy and it keeps on updating your privacy setting through updates. And Sometimes most of the updates come with the latest feature and exciting menus. So our suggestion is just to keep your iPhone on Auto Updated mode.

Although there are multiple reasons to turn Auto-update Off As you have already crossed the daily data limit that you can turn off Auto Update. Sometimes what happens that users battery percentage goes down where ultimately they need to turn off Auto Update because Auto Update consumes really a big amount of Power.

So now I am going to tall you that how to turn off Auto Update.

  • Turn off system Auto Update.

1) Go to “Settings”

2) Now go to “General”

Go to "Settings"

3) Now Click on “Software Update”

Now Click on "System Update"

4) then Click on “Automatic Updates”

then Click on "Automatic Updates"

5)Finally, turn the Auto Update Button off. The button must be white now as, on Auto Update mode, it’s a color would be green.

then Click on "Automatic Updates"
  • Turn off App Auto Update.
1) Go to “Settings”
2)Click on “iTunes & App Store” Turn off App Auto Update.

3)Click on “Updates”

Click on "Updates"

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