Indian govt and media’s unforgiving response to Turkey’s remarks on Kashmir a ridiculous misreading of the circumstance

Indian govt and media's unforgiving response to Turkey's remarks

Indian govt and media’s unforgiving response to Turkey’s remarks on Kashmir a ridiculous misreading of the circumstance

India’s disavowal of Article 370 of its Constitution has incited fluctuated responses from everywhere throughout the world.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, on her ongoing visit to India, made her perspectives completely known to the Indian media and authorities.

The Finnish outside priest additionally talked obviously on his nation’s perspectives on Kashmir.

The US Department of State, the Senate and a few American legislators have been resounding comparable feelings.

The British remote service, just as British ideological groups, have additionally made their situation on Kashmir known to their Indian partners.

Indeed, even the Indian government itself has connected with a few European and Arab nations to clarify its choice on Kashmir.

Turkey, in quite a bit of its international strategy lead, carries on like a European nation with its systematized dynamic that has been set up for some time and isn’t

However, numerous India-watchers in Turkey are astonished to see the brutal responses both from Indian authorities and the overall population — the kind of responses just Turkey is getting.

Numerous nations viewed as dear companions of India presently have kept up nearly a similar arrangement as that of Turkey’s, yet they have been saved the brutal responses.

India even gave an uncommon open explanation of its dissatisfaction with Turkey’s military activity in Syria.

This appears to be odd on the grounds that India is known for its ‘pause and watch’ approach, especially on worldwide clashes.

The Ministry of External Affairs even issued a travel advisory to Turkey — something that generally comes with proper bilateral consultations on the safety and security of visitors to a country.

What may be surprising is the news about the cancellation of the tender granted to Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard earlier this year to help build five support ships for Hindustan Shipyard.

This leads to the question: Why do Indians single out Turkey for its Kashmir statement when there are several non-Muslim countries who have taken similar or even harsher positions on Kashmir?

Based on articles published in recent years on Turkey, it can be concluded that Indian intelligentsia or policymakers have constructed a narrative based on three misreading The ideological reading.

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