iOS 13 Marvellous update ever of any iOS version

iOS 13 Marvellous update ever of any iOS version

Apple has given a new look to its iOS 13. it introduces the bold new look here. Apple has upgraded some new privacy features and bug improvements here. So that their users can’t face privacy issue Apple has been here trying to do its best as it can. Apple introduces the dark mode which gives you a better look in the night. Here you can use your iPhone in the night mode with a comfortable view. Apple has introduced photos and camera with better perfection and better lightening options. Apple has improved its portrait mode with new cool features which gives you an extra experience of its cameras. Now you can adjust and redesign your pictures as you want it. Hear most of the options have been changed that you can use to customize your picture. Apple always works on its privacy because according to Apple every user’s privacy is mandatory and apple takes it on its first priority. In iOS 13 Apple has improved the maps that give you a 3D immersive experience and it can show you the 360° of most seamlessly the map can provide extra features and it reveals some more details about your map. Now map can define more than the older one. In iOS 13 Siri has been also improved and it can now give you a neural text-to-speech technology and now it has already improved with the new design and you can hear with your own Indian language. there is multiple languages introduced in the Siri of iOS 13. Now Siri can also read your text messages or even now you don’t need to read your message, it can let you know. In iOS 13 most of the emoji’s are introduced so that users can explain their emotions in a better way.

iOS 13 Update in iPhone X

First time in iOS 13 Apple has introduced the swipe typing. Apple has never been giving the swipe typing in any previous iOS but nowhere the iPhone has given the option to swipe typing and most of the biggest function. In iOS 13 most of the users had the issue of downloading and users used to say that in iPhone nobody can download anything so now apple has introduced downloading option in iOS 13 and now you can just go to Safari and you can just download any image any video from any website in iOS 13. Now Siri can also understand you better and remind you in a better way as compared to the last version of iOS. In iOS13 it’s even faster than iOS 12 for example if you talk about faceLock it’s 30% faster than iOS 12. iOS 13 can give users better performance and it also reduces your app launches time and downloading size of any application.

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