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Network Marketing

Network Marketing:- what is Network Marketing?? Now here you will learn what is “Network Marketing“, “Network marketing companies“, “MLM” about “Network marketing business” and you will also learn here about the “Bill gates network marketing”.

Network Marketing and how to earn money in Network Marketing

Network Marketing:- It’s all about the numbers of games. The more numbers you get the more you earn here. Network marketing is the only industry where nobody can be jobless. It also called as Referral Marketing. In this industry, every person is creating a job for another one. In this industry company does not pay any advertiser to advertise its brand, it pays to a person to make MOUTH TO MOUTH PUBLICITY and as many people join in this industry that much money is made by people. Network Marketing is basically done by a non-salaried worker. Earnings are distributed between distributors as a pyramid Shape and you can also call it a binary system.

MLM (multi-level-marketing)

MLM:- Multi-level Marketing which means that multiple levels of Marketing. MLM (multi-level-marketing) industry is the fastly growing company. MLM (multi-level-marketing) is the only company where there is no limit of any employee. Every employee generating a job to another person. MLM (multi-level-marketing) salespeople do mouth to mouth publicity cause they get their commission easily.

Top 10 network marketing companies

1. Amway
2. Smart Way
3. Herbalife
4. Vorwerk
5. Infinitus
6. Mary Kay
7. Natura
8. Perfect
9. Nu Skin
10. Tupperware

Here Are the Top 10 Network marketing companies where you can join


Network marketing business

network marketing business is the number of games. It stands for your number of sales. The more sales you close the more money you make here. In-Network marketing business you need to spend 1st one year after that you get the result. After 1 year you start earning a lot. Network marketing business most of the people start but lose their patients very soon cause they get failure.

Bill gates network marketing

bill gates have also done a Network marketing business where he also got a big amount of success. In an interview, Bill gates have given his words that “If I would be given a chance to start all over again. I would choose NETWORK MARKETING”. So that is the power of Network Marketing.

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