New Update About Whatsapp | Stop Using Whatsapp?

New Update About Whatsapp

Update About Whatsapp: One day when we all woke up as usual we open WhatsApp to see messages but there a pop-up that appears and asks to agree to not now. At that time there was not so sufficient information about that, but after a few days we can to know about the new policies, updates, and changes of WhatsApp. So today in this article we will talk about the new policies of WhatsApp.

New Update About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most running apps in India. We all use WhatsApp a lot in our day to day life. Not only whats app there are also various apps which we use daily. We never think about our privacy, especially Indians. We all take all the things so lightly. Our data gets leaks but we never see that side. Now, this thing is trending because now WhatsApp is taking some steps. Whatsapp is a very big database and now I a very important part of our daily life.

From the news and some articles, you might come to know that Whatsapp will share something. So people get tensed and think that Whatsapp will share our chats. So here we are not thinking about our privacy we are just thinking about our chat content.

When we use WhatsApp basically all the companies follow the same procedure but we will talk about WhatsApp right now. So when we install it on our phone it collects some of our information and stores it in its storage like your name, banking details, location, device information, and many more. Our chats are safe as it is claimed by WhatsApp that our messages are safe as they are end to end encrypted.

Now as we all know that the parent company of Whatsapp is Facebook whose reputation is not so good in the market. So the new policy which came out is that all the information which is basically collected and stored by Whatsapp is going to be shared by Facebook and it may be shared further from facebook too to any third party. So all the curious is about this decision only.

By sharing your information you will be shown ads. Till now WhatsApp has not said that they will show ads but they have claimed that if they will show ads then they will first inform you. So to accept this policy they have given time till 8 February. If you didn’t accept them you may not be able to use WhatsApp after it.

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