OnePlus Google Play OxygenOS Android

OnePlus Google Play OxygenOS Android

In the last year, One plus has introduced One Plus 7 Pro With Oxygen OS with ZenMode. It’s an offer to their users Digital Detox for the set amount of time.

But the users are disliking the set amount of time. And now the One plus has taken steps toward the same and they have updated it and the update is in two ways.

  • Customizable time limits. As before they were providing the limit of 20 minutes at a time. But now they are able to customize it as 20 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 40 Minutes and 60 Minutes.
  • Now One Plus is providing an App on the play store in the form of standalone. It would help for Zenmode for providing the updates As soon as possible. It’s available only for One plus devices not other. Whenever the update comes users can easily and fastly downlo9ad and install it.

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