One introduced Amazing TV with Great Sound of 8 Speakers, Dolby Atmos

OnePlus TV with Dolby atmos

Now the OnePlus Has Revealed that they are going to launch a TV that would give you the best experience and that would work on Android TV with Google assistant. As the company’s CEO Pete Lau is also so excited to launch the TV as it is introduced as Dolby Atmos, So it can really perform Good.OnePlus has also revealed that they have managed 8 Speakers as these 8 speakers are set as these can perform best. So let’s see what would be the experience and how does it perform.

OnePlus is also promising that they are going to introduce the sound like a theatre, that never been seen yet. They are promising to provide the best experience with the QLED and Dolby Vision and it’s sound like a theatre.

As we all know that this tv is going to have 55-inch of display and which is not equal to a theatre size but the image quality and the audio quality is the main thing that the OnePlus is introducing here.

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