PUBG Tips and Tricks | How to become a Professional in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Tips and Tricks:- Now we will tell you here PUBG Tips and Tricks. If you want to become pro in PUBG we have new Best Pubg Mobile Tricks and Tips 2020. How to Become a Professional in Pubg Mobile. Top Pubg Mobile Skills to survive until the last play zone. you will also get here Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks Advanced

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Best Internet

The Internet is one of the best reasons where any enemy, even boats can kill you. Keep watching at your Ping and it always must be green. Your ping count must be less than 100ms.


1)Recoil Handling

Try Best to Control Your Recoil. Handling recoil gives Damage at Specific Body of Enemy.

2)Prone and Fire
While Firing at the enemy if you get prone your recoil will be zero and the enemy’s bullet can not damage you.

3)Crouch and Fire

While Firing if you get in Crouch mode enemy can’t damage your head and you can easily handle your recoil.


Always try your Best to Damage Enemy’s Head not Body.

5)Training Mode

Training Mode is the only place where you can practice and improve your self. Practice here and analyze your Claw, Handle Recoil, Aim your Target and Practice For every type of Weapon here. you will find here every weapon and vehicle.

6) 4 Fingering
Try to Play with Four Finger Claw. More options while firing will give you to give more shots to the enemy and Receive less Damage. With 4 Finger Claw, you can act more moves simultaneously.

7)Peek and Fire

Peek and the fire is the best way to avoid Damage overhead. Always use it while sniping. If you use peek to snip no one can spot you. while you are in cover you can peek and fire. while being on peeking you only head and gun goes out of cover and with only head gun decrease the chances of being spotted by the enemy.

8)Use Headphone

Headphones play a very big role. Have Headphones with good quality. when you get sound you can understand from which direction enemy is coming, what type of weapon he’s using and where the enemy is moving. you can also know if the enemy is retrieving health and that time you can attack over him.

9)Frame rate

Frame Rate is given you the best gaming experience and smooth gameplay. The frame rate also affects the rate of fire and Handling Recoil. It also let’s enemy appear in front of you faster.


While choosing modes in graphic, Color Mode. As in Color mode, you can Spot any enemy very easily.

11) Pre-fire

Sometimes what happens that your enemy ever does not give you a chance to press the fire button and kills you. Here you have to use Pre-fire. E.g. you are going an enemy sitting in a room and while entering the room give prefire and when the enemy comes to the front of you will be in the lobby.

12) Crouch and Walk

This option is one of the favorite options of PUBG Pro Players. If you spotter and enemy and the fight is in the close range your crouch and walk. Here while walking in crouch mode decreases the chance to be spotted by an enemy.

13) Rotate and rush

If you spotted an enemy, Don’t fire at the same position and location. Try to Rotate and give a surprise attack to your enemy.

14) Don’t be in Open

Most of the Player Just run in open area Try your best to Hide your self and if even you are in open try to be prone or crouch.

15) Use Grenade, Mouly, and Smoke

If you want to be a pro player of PUBG You must Use these three Weapons. You can turn off enemy sound for 2-3 seconds using a grenade and also kill. If you use moly you can give a lot of damage to your enemy. Using smoke you can hide your self. Like if one of your teammates is knocked on you must first smoke there and then revive your teammate.

16) Exit Vehicle and Fire

While you are in a vehicle and you spotted an enemy and want to kill him perfectly. There is no technique but you need to practice this in Training mode. You go to training mode and take a vehicle and practice there

17) Gun switch and Prone

While fighting with enemies in TDM and any close fight you must have Dual AR/SMG guns. You must practice for that. while fighting sometimes it happens that your bulltes get empty in a magazine that time you must switch gun and go to prone mode. when you get prone your recoil will be zero and you don’t need to waste your time on reload.

18) Red Dot

Always use Red Dot with AR/SMG while in Close Range Fight. You can easily mark you damage where you want with the help of Red Dot.

19) Move and Fire

Move and the fire is the best way to Kill any enemy without having Damage. You Must Use 4 Finger Claw and practice to move and fire.

20) Cursor Adjustment

If you expect that your enemy may come from there just adjust your fire cursor at the same so that while walking also you can kill him.

21) AKM with iron sight

Don’t ever use AKM with any Scope. The scope covers almost 40% Screen. you have to stabilize the weapon and AKM has already the highest recoil.

22) Full Kill To Knocked Enemy

If you are playing Solo VS Squad and Knocked out the only enemy Don’t Kill him fully. Wait for the enemy if you don’t kill fully your enemy’s mind will be toward reviving his teammate and while your enemy is reviving you can easily kill. Even after knocking any enemy, you get positive motivation and that time you will concentrate toward the next enemy.

23) Confuse Enemy

This trick really works a lot. If you are going to rush, first confuse your enemy. Even If you are a single show as you are with your full squad. use a grenade, Mouly, Lots of fire and give lots of footsteps to your enemy. show as you are just about to kill your enemy. Use lots of Grenade. You just need to Panic You Enemy. If your Enemy is already Panic your enemy can’t kill you. Don’t Camp at the same location keep changing your location.

24) Become with your AR

TDM is made especially for your Favorite gun Practice. Just go there and become a master of any specific gun. Practice with those guns, you don’t know how to use.

25) TDM TRick

If you want to win TDM Just Choose a Location where you get Cover and wait for the Enemy to come. Use headphones for the best sound and moments. You will come to know the Location of the enemy but your enemy doesn’t know your location. Keep Changing your Location too. Stay Protected from Genade. Tro to use Grenade in Enemy House.

26) For Chicken Dinner

We’ll recommend you to be prone in the Last 2-3 Zones if you really want a chicken Dinner.


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