Sound giving too slow your Google home Smart Speaker??? Do it Will give result instantly

Google home Smart Speaker

Google Home a smart speaker that delivers quality and a luxury life to you. Sometimes it happens that it Starts giving less sound. It may be due to dust and unfiltered air. Mostly it happens cause of Dust and sometimes water or other lubricants gets over it that we don’t clean. We should keep on cleaning it from time to time so that our smart speaker keep on delivering quality sound long-lasting.

So now there are only a few methods you need to apply to clean your Google Smar home Speaker and personal assistant.

1) Light Or Medium Dust

For light or medium dust, you can use your toothbrush or shoe brush. Try to clean smoothly so that no harm happens to your smart speaker.

2) Liquid Stain

If you are facing any liquid issue so we would recommend you to use Thinner to clean it but stay alert that this can be like you are ignoring the advice of manufacturer because manufacturer always says that don’t use any liquid to clean your Smart Speaker. So always do it on your own risk. Take 4-5 Drops of Thinner on Toothbrush and try to clean it gently.

3) Google Home smart Speaker touchscreen Cleaning

Basically, if you want to clean touchscreen of your Google Home smart speaker, so we recommend you not to your window cleaner, kitchen cleansers or any normal Cloth. You can use an only Microfiber cloth that must be dampened with distilled water. It is the safest way to clean your touchscreen.

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