Taj Mahal: in Agra Tourist Place | Beautiful places to visit in INDIA Agra

Taj Mahal

Agra which is very famous for many Mughals buildings, castles, and the great Taj mahal is a city of Uttar Pradesh situated in our country India.  This city is basically situated on the bank of the Yamuna River and is one of the major tourist visiting places.  The level of crime in this city is also moderate and also it is considered safe for tourists. It has one of the seven wonders that is the Taj Mahal and also has two other UNESCO world heritage sites. Mughal Gardens, Agra is the best place to tour In India.

Top places to visit in Agra

There are no words to express the beauty of the Taj mahal. You must have to visit it to admire this monument of love. It is basically closed on Fridays and is open from sunrise to sunset. There are entrance fees which you need to enter this monument. The fee is 1100 rupees and if you want to visit the mausoleum you need to par additional 200 rupees, whereas regular entry fees for Indians are 50 rupees. I will advise you to visit this beautiful monument in the morning to avoid the rush.

Taj Mahal

Agra Fort

This is a great massive fort, it’s the residence of the Mughal Empire. It consists of Sheesh mahal, Akbar Mahal, Diwan E Aam. It is built with red sandstone. This fort was ruled by the Marathas Empire before coming under British Empire. The basic entry fees for Indians is 40 rupees

Agra Tourist Place

Fatehpur Sikri

This was a town made by Mughal emperor, Akbar, on the outside of Agra, it acted as its second capital. To visit this you need to park your vehicle outside in the allocated parking area and there is a CNG bus which takes you in the fort which costs around 10 rupees per person.

Fatehput Sikiri


Agra is also famous for its shoe market as well as for its delicious and tasty street food. One cannot miss the street food of Agra if he/she visits the Taj city. It is basically famous for Bedhai puri, all Tikki chat, and petha. If you visit Agra I must recommend you eat all the stuff they are very famous and very delicious in taste. You will definitely enjoy eating these tasty dishes.

Now let’s talk about the other famous thing of Agra that is the shoe market. You might have heard of know that Agra is the biggest shoe manufacturer hub in India. You can get shoes from almost every company there. You can visit the shoe market and you can buy your favorite shoes at a very reasonable price. There are different types of quality available like sports shoes, formal shoes, cloth shoes, and leather shoes.

So this article was all about one of the beautiful tourist places of India that is Agra which is situated in Uttar Pradesh. Hope this article was informative to and you get knowledge about Agra after reading it. I must recommend you all to definitely visit this place and feel its beauty.

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