The Twin Tower fells Down in the Biggest Terrorist Attack At New York’s City World Trade Center & Pentagone

New York's City World Trade center Fallen down on 11/9

US’s New York City’s World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked by the attackers on 11th September. The attacker used the Airlines as the weapons and the took it into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. One-Plane was Crashed outside of Shanksville and Pennsylvania. This Attack Became the biggest terrorist attack, Biggest attack for firefighters and law enforcement for the US.

World Trade Center construction in New York City 11/9 Attacked by attackers

2977 People Were Killed There. As the Airlines were used to attack it also harmed to nearby people and buildings as there was a large amount of crowd. Most of the people measure injuries. While Vice President Mr. Dick Chene was taken to a white house bunker and that time he was taking the decisions sitting on the hot seat.

The Beautyful World Trade Center & Pentagone

Now it was the 18the anniversary of biggest attack. The Twin Tower has felt down. After this attack this the biggest Question mark on US Government that is the US Safe now?

18the anniversary of biggest attack

As now it’s been so hard to let US People understand that the US is safe for them. As terrorism is been increasing they are also thinking about their safety.

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