Top 5 Apps to Make Money Online in 2021 | Online application through which you can earn money

Top 5 Apps to make Money Online in 2021

Top 5 Apps to make Money Online: In Today’s fast and modern world everyone wants to become independent and earn money on their own so that they can enjoy and complete their passions whether it is an adult, teenager, or child. So their various platforms, which offer you, work and in return, you can earn money from them, all you need with you is a smart phone. So this article we will tell you all about this online application or online platforms through which you can earn money. These are very famous and trustworthy apps about which you will get to know from this blog. In addition, if you have a little money with you like some around 500 rupees it would also help you to earn more from those 500 rupees only.

Top applications from which you can earn money

1. Google Tasks: – This is an amazing application, which is generated by Google. This application is all about completing tasks. In this app, you will be given several tasks to compete in a specific period. If you have successfully completed that task then in return you will be paid for that work. This application is under test right now, there are no codes released from google till now. However, some people are doing fraud so stay alert and stay safe from these frauds. Being a google application, you can definitely trust it.

Google Tasks

2. Meesho

This is another great application available on the app and play store. Using this app, you can start a small business of your own. On this app there are clothes available at cheap prices, now you can get the clothes from this app at cheap prices and then sell them further at little hiked prices. You can also open a page on Instagram and make your own selling page.


3. Mutual Funds

This is again a very beautiful and amazing application. In this, you can invest your money and get it’s double or triple according to the period you have invested for. It is very safe. However, before investing money into it go through the terms and conditions. Also, there are various other apps available in the play store or app store which also deal in the same work all you need to do is just invest your money in them.

Mutual Funds

4. Online games

There are various applications that give you pay-to-play games if you win in them. You can take the example of MPL. MPL is an application form which you can earn money by playing games.

Online games

5. Giving money

on loan to others. It is another great method to earn money. Various people take the money and return you with profit after a specific period.

So, these were some of the amazing online applications through which you can earn money. You should definitely visit them and enjoy earning money.

So this article was all about the online applications through which you can earn money. Hope this article was informative to and you get knowledge about this application and will definitely use them to earn money after reading it. I must recommend you all to definitely visit these applications and earn money.

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