Under Article 370 & 35A: Some Chandigarh’s Student’s and Farmers Raised their voice but Were Stopped by the Police

Aricle 370 & 35A

On Sunday 15th September a group of students, farmers and employees raised voice and they are demanding for the restoration of the communication and health services in Kashmir. As there are no communication and health facilities available in Kashmir, but the police tried to stop their voice. Most of the groups were caught by the police and the police took all them out of District and they also stopped Student’s voice. The group of students and employees were taken out of District by the buses arranged by the police.

Aricle 370 & 35A in Kashmir

The Student’s and Employees’ Slogan was “Dharabi fauj pa Janjeer, Jabri Dabya Hai Kashmir” that means that “Attackers occupied Kashmir with force”. This slogan was raised by the students of the Student Union’s. Police Stopped Students and employees to enter in the city although a big group of students entered into the city and they were also raising their voice against Narendra Modi Government.

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