Warning! Delete these 6 Apps from Mobile Right now

Warning! Delete these 6 Apps from Mobile Right now

Android users be careful while installing any applications from play store. Google has announced that most of the application has contained malicious contents. recently Google has analysed that most of the application who are entered officially with verification but after publishing and coming updates there are few malicious contents those are spreading fake advertisments and fake banners and more. One application was caught while advertising itself and after the Google play verification application was removed by the Google play, however the developer was good responsive and the developer fixed the issue instantly. The app went live again. There are some more applications which are spreading the malicious content like they’re running their fake mobile advertisements.

Remove Below Mentioned Application.

  1. VPN apps–HotSpotVPN
  2. Free VPN Master
  3. Secure VPN
  4. CM Security Applock AntiVirus
  5. Sun Pro Beauty Camera

Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera

These applications are made by the out of China and the applications are pushing to make their fraud Ads on smartphones. And the camera applications are forcing their users to give unwanted permission like read messages, read contacts and send device logs. Recently the cyber security services has researched and trying their best to reach these malware developers. Most of the these applications have been downloaded from play store more than 1.5 million times. Google play is trying to stop these malwares and Google play is claiming that they will stop it All soon.

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